• What is the age limit on the Backpacker policy?

    49 Years of age is the max age limit on the Backpacker Policy.

  • What is covered in the Backpacker policy?

    There are two cover levels available with a choice of either Premier or Premier Plus cover depending on your needs

    - Medical Expenses
    - Personal Accident
    - Personal Liability
    - Cancellation & Curtailment
    - Loss of Earnings
    - Student Loans
    - Baggage and Money
    - Missed Departure
    - Holiday Abandonment
    - Lost/Stolen Inter Rail Tickets
    - Optional Winter Sports Cover
    - Optional Exam Failure Cover
    - Adventure Activities including Bungee Jump, White Water Rafting (Grade 3), Scuba Diving (further details below) and many more covered as standard.
    Policy Details

  • Am I covered whilst Working?

    It is important to make sure you are fully covered whilst working. Our policy does provide cover while you are working in certain environments including bar and restaurant work, fruit-picking, au pairs, retail work and light manual work at ground level excluding use of power tools / machinery. If you are unsure if you are covered for your occupation please contact us in advance and also check with your Employer.

  • What is the total duration provided for Winter Sports cover on a Backpacker policy?

    Provided you have paid the appropriate additional premium you will be covered for up to 90 days of Wintersports activities. You may use these days in any order that you choose. Further information can be found in the Policy Wording.

  • What is the maximum trip duration?

    24 Months is the maximum amount of time that we are currently able to provide.

General Questions

  • What charges do I incur when buying a policy?

    We work hard to try and minimise any additional charges you may incur in the supply of your policy. We charge an additional £6.00 if you choose to book your policy through our call centre. There are also optional charges linked to different administration functions, the posting of a hard copy policy certificate is £3.50 and automatic SMS policy info service is £0.99

  • How Will I receive my Validation Certificate and Policy Cover?

    When a purchase is made on this site you will automatically be able to print a formal cover letter, validation certificate and Travel Cover Document. This document is your insurance certificate and it is also automatically sent to your email address. We strongly recommend you bring your travel cover document and validation certificate when you travel.
    In order to keep your premiums low, we do not as a matter of course send out documents in the post. However if you wish for copies to be printed out and sent to your home address please call us and let us know (there is a £2.00 charge for policies sent out in the mail). If you have selected Yes to receive your policy details via SMS, then you will also receive a text message with your Certificate Number, Emergency Telephone Number Abroad and Health Check Telephone Number (text cost 0.50p)

  • What should I do if I need to change my details or extend cover?

    Please contact us with your policy number and the required alteration before the expiry date of your new policy. If you need to extend your cover then there may be an additional premium to pay and you must apply for an extension before the expiry date of your currents. We will then simply update and re-send your details by email.

  • What should I or any of my travelling companions do if I/We have a pre-existing medical condition?

    The following conditions apply in relation to pre-existing medical conditions:

    The Insured or anyone on whom the Trip depends must not be:

    - receiving or waiting for medical treatment at a hospital or nursing home;
    - waiting for investigation or referral, or the results of any investigation, medical treatment or surgical procedure, for any condition,   whether diagnosed or undiagnosed.
    - choosing not to take prescribed medication, or the correct dose of prescribed medicine.
    - travelling against the advice of a Qualified Medical Practitioner;
    - travelling to obtain medical, dental or cosmetic treatment;
    - travelling with a terminal condition;
    - aged 50 or over on the date of commencement of the Trip or at the time of booking the trip.

    Subject to above, if the Insured has any pre-existing condition, they must get approval in writing from their Qualified Medical Practitioner that they are fit to travel before booking their Trip.

  • Is Pregnancy Covered?

    Our Pregnancy cover provides cover for unforeseen events, accidents, illnesses and diseases. Normal childbirth would not constitute an unforeseen event. In any event, you must not travel against doctors advice or any carrier stipulation. Any complications or previous miscarriages need to be declared to Healthcheck.

  • What if I need to cancel my holiday/trip?

    If it is deemed necessary to cancel your travel arrangements you must contact your Travel Agent/Tour Operator or Transport Company immediately and confirm in writing to Travel Claims within 48 hours. Please note the definition of Close Relative under this policy as defined in the policy wording.

  • What should I be aware of in respect of baggage/money claims?

    If any item of your baggage is lost or stolen or damaged whilst in transit then you must report this to the Airline, Hotel or Tour Operator Representative immediately. Baggage excludes bicycles, diving equipment, computer equipment, antiques and mobile phones. It is important that you obtain a property damage/loss report or a PIR in the case of damage/loss by an airline. Fragile items are excluded under this policy. Cash must always be kept in a safety deposit box.

  • Do I need a police report for stolen items?

    If you are unfortunate enough to have any stolen items or belongings whilst on holiday, then you must notify the local police within 24 hours and obtain a copy of the police report.

  • When should I contact the Emergency Assistance Number?

    In case of Medical Emergency please contact Tel: 0044 208 763 4881

    In the case of any medical emergency or the need to curtail your trip due to an insured reason please call the Emergency Assistance Service.

  • Am I covered for Liability of Mechanically Propelled vehicles or watercraft?

    No there is no liability cover for the use of mechanically propelled vehicles or watercraft. Please check that your legal liability is adequately covered with the operator/car hire company before hiring/using motor vehicles, motorised water craft or aircraft (other than as passenger).

  • How do I make a claim?

    Please click here for more information in relation to making a claim.

  • What should I do if I have a complaint about the policy or a claim?

    Please refer to the complaints procedure on page 51 of the policy wording.

  • Is there a cooling off period?

    Yes there is a 14 Day cooling off period from receipt of the policy either at time of print, receipt of email or receipt by post.

  • Are there any countries excluded from the policy?

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office issues travel advice for all countries and it is wise to take this into consideration when planning your trip. Our policy does not provide cover where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against travel. Please make sure you check whether a warning has been issued by contacting them on Tel 020 7008 1500 or view detail"s on www.fco.gov.uk.

Adventure Activities

  • What Adventure / Hazardous Activities are covered Free of Charge with backpackertravelinsurance.com?

    backpackertravelinsurance.com automatically provides Medical and Personal Accident cover for the following activities, conducted on an incidental basis whilst you are on holiday:
     - Archery
     - Badminton (amateur)
     - Baseball (amateur)
     - Bungee Jump (1 only)
     - Camel/Elephant Riding
     - Canoeing
     - Clay Pigeon Shooting
     - Cricket
     - Cycling (Low Use)
     - Dingy Sailing
     - Fell Walking
     - Fencing
     - Fishing
     - Flying as fare paying passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft
     - Football (amateur)
     - Golf (amateur)
     - Hiking (under 2000 Metres Altitude)
     - Hockey
     - Horse Riding (No Polo, Hunting, Jumping)
     - Ice Skating
     - Jet Boating
     - Jet Skiing
     - Jogging
     - Kayaking Grades 1-3
     - Marathon Running (Amateur)
     - Motorcycling up to 125cc
     - NetBall (Amateur)
     - Orienteering
     - Paintballing
     - Parascending (Over Water)
     - Pony Trekking
     - Racquetball
     - Rambling/Trekking under 2,000m
     - River Canoeing
     - Roller Blading (Line Skating / Skate Boarding)
     - Rounders
     - Rowing
     - Running, Sprint / Long Distance (amateur)
     - Quad Biking up to 50cc
     - Safari (Ireland / UK Organised)
     - Sail Boarding
     - Sailing within territorial waters
     - Scuba Diving - (down to 30 meters) if adequately supervised
     - Snorkelling
     - Squash (amateur)
     - Surfing (amateur 14 days)
     - Tennis (amateur)
     - Tour Operator Safari
     - Track Events
     - Trekking (under 2000 metres)
     - Triathlon
     - Volleyball (amateur)
     - War Games
     - Water Polo
     - Water Skiing (amateur)
     - White Water Rafting (Grade 1-3)
     - Windsurfing (amateur)
     - Yachting (racing / crewing) - inside territorial waters
     - Basketball
     - Beach Games
     - Gaelic Football

  • What is the difference between ‘Incidental and Non Incidental basis'?

    An incidental basis means that the activity you are doing on holiday is not the specific reason for going on the holiday. Non Incidental is exactly the opposite. Examples: "I am going on holiday and may have a go a Scuba Diving whilst I'm out there, if I can find a place that does it." - That would be participation in an activity on an 'Incidental' basis. "I am going on a specific Scuba Diving holiday, where my main intention is to Scuba Dive" - That would be on participation on a 'Non Incidental' basis.

  • I cannot find the Hazardous Activity I want to do on this list?

    If you can't find your activity listed, please contact us on 0844 871 0259 - Calls cost 7p per minute plus your standard network charges.

  • What additional Hazardous Activities can I obtain cover for, subject to payment of an additional premium.

    We can also provide Medical and Personal Accident cover for the following Activities, as per the terms and conditions stated in the policy wording, subject to payment of an additional premium.

    Grade 2
     - Boxing Training (no contact)
     - Bungee Jump (up to 3 Jumps)
     - Camel / Elephant Riding / Trekking
     - Cycle Touring
     - Go Karting (specific use)
     - Horse Riding (no Polo, Hunting, Jumping)
     - Hot Air Ballooning (non incidental)
     - Hurling
     - Jet Skiing (non incidental)
     - Martial Arts (Training only)
     - Mountain Biking
     - Parascending/Parasailing (over water, non incidental)
     - Rambling / Trekking between 2,001m and 4,200m
     - Safari (non UK organised)
     - Scuba Diving (non incidental/down to 50m)
     - Sea Canoeing
     - Sea Fishing (non incidental)
     - Surfing (amateur)
     - Tandem Skydive (up to 2 jumps maximum)
     - Triathlon
     - Waterskiing/Windsurfing/Snorkelling (non incidental)
     - White Water Rafting (Grade 4)
     - Black Water Rafting (Grade 1-4)

    Grade 3
     - Absailing
     - American Football (amateur)
     - Gliding
     - Kayaking
     - Motorcycling (with a licence, over 125cc - No Racing)
     - Paragliding
     - Rambling/Trekking between 4,201m and 6,000m (professionally organised Trips with experienced operators)
     - Rugby (amateur)
     - Sand Yachting
     - Yachting (racing / crewing) - outside territorial waters
     - Zip Lining/ Trekking (safety harness must be worn)
     - Canoeing (grade 4) – Add this activity

    Grade 4
     - Hand Gliding
     - High Diving (amateur, excluding cliff diving)
     - Horse Jumping (no Polo, Hunting)
     - Micro Lighting
     - Parasailing/Paracending (over land non incidental)
     - Rock Climbing (under 2000m)
     - Rock Scrambling (under 4000m)
     - Canyoning
     - Kite Surfing
     - Parachuting

  • Amateur is listed next to some of the Activities, what does this mean?

    Amateur status is listed beside such sports as running, rugby, football, surfing , tennis and Waterskiing, this means that if you intend to play these sports abroad professionally (i.e. you will be receiving a monetary reward for participation in them) there is no cover under the terms and conditions of the policy for this.

  • Does backpackertravelinsurance.com cover scuba diving?

    Beginners: (This cover is provided free of charge) on an Incidental Basis
    Scuba diving to the following depths. Provided you are diving under the direction of an accredited dive marshal, instructor or guide. Alternatively, if qualified, within the guidelines of the relevant diving or training agency or organization and not diving alone:
     - PADI Open Water - 18 metres
     - PADI Advanced Open Water - 30 metres*
     - BSAC Ocean Diver - 20 metres
     - BSAC Sports Diver - 30 metres*
     - BSAC Dive Leader - 30 metres*

    We must agree with any equivalent qualification. If you do not hold a qualification, We will only cover you to dive to a depth of 18 metres.
    You will not be covered under this policy if you travel by air within 24 hours after participating in Scuba Diving.

    Advanced: (This Cover is subject to Grade 2 Activities additional premium) for Greater Dive Depths and Non Incidental Coverage.
    Scuba diving to the following depths. Provided You are diving under the direction of an accredited dive marshal, instructor or guide. Alternatively, if qualified, within the guidelines of the relevant diving or training agency or organization and not diving alone:

     - PADI Open Water - 18 metres
     - PADI Advanced Open Water - 30 metres
     - BSAC Ocean Diver - 20 metres
     - BSAC Sports Diver - 35 metres*
     - BSAC Dive Leader - 50 metres*

    We must agree with any equivalent qualification. If you do not hold a qualification, We will only cover you to dive to a depth of 18 metres.
    You will not be covered under this policy if you travel by air within 24 hours after participating in Scuba Diving.

  • What is the maximum altitude allowed for trekking?

    Our policy covers up to 2,000m on our standard Grade 1 Cover which is included at no additional charge. Above this level, we can then provide trekking for up to 4,200m on our Grade 2 Cover or up to 6,000m on our Grade 3 Cover with an additional premium payable.